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Tuesday, October 9th, 2007

Subject:pefect timing, chuck!
Time:9:07 pm.
Mood: excited.
who did i get a myspace message from saying he'd be in florida at the end of this month? chuck, chuck, chuck. i think we all know what this means! how exciting.
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Monday, October 8th, 2007

Subject:the never ending mother fucking story
Time:9:31 pm.
Mood: amused.
so it has been a year now dealing with Ryan and all of his bullshit, and I know anyone who has talked to me in this past year rolls their eyes every time I even bring up his name but this weekend we HAD IT OUT. it started when I called Brendy we were going to hang out because it was Todd's birthday and I was gonna go down to cutler ridge and hang with them, but I told her I wouldn't come if Ryan was gonna be there.

So of course I call and she says Ryan's there and says hi! The thing with him is, he KNOWS how to get to me, he knows how to piss me off like no one else can, so I told her I'd just meet up with her later and to have fun blahblahblaaaah.

So I ended up meeting my friend Lisa for a few drinks and then after that I went to churchills to meet up with everyone because Todd and the Vibrators were playing. So we're all hangning out having a good time, drinking. So me and Ryan ignore each other all night, well it's mostly me ignoring him while he's trying to talk to me. Whenever he walks up to someone I'm talking to, I walk away, stuff like that, which I know pisses him off. (We're so ridiculous. But who's 30? not me.)

So me and Brendy leave and go to Circa, but it sucks, so we left and went to Todds warehouse because that's where everyone had gone, but I didn't go because, duh, Ryan's there. So we get there and were hanging out and drinking and Ryan starts talking about Heather (AKA Cunt Face Whore) to piss me off, I ignore it. So finally he's just like Okay, why do you hate me? I tell him I don't owe him anything and we start fighting like we always do. and I feel bad for people who are around us, but it's not me, it's HIM. I told him I would be civil and he said Fuck being civil. So I'll be a cunt. blaaaaaaahblahblah, so we're arguing and he says "Whatever, we're going to be married in 6 months, and you'll be pregnant." To which I said; "If I was ever pregnant with your seed, I would abort that thing faster than you can say Hope Pregnancy Center." So we just fight and fight until he walks away and I'm just hanging out with everyone else and then we all went back to Todds house.

So Todd and Brendy pass out, so it's just me and Ryan there he's came up to me and was like do you want a beer? and I say, Not from you, and he said, Come on, and I said, I would feel hypocritial taking that from you so he just kinda threw it at me, and of course, I mean the two of us drinking at like 7 o'clock in the morning after drinking all night? This isn't good. We were sitting outside, and he was telling me about the girls he's had sex with, so i was like fuck it, you know what? I fuck someone every time I go out of town too. And that shut him right the fuck up. I don't know how it started but we started like actually fighting. Wrestling, nothing too serious and we were both cracking up the entire time, hitting each other in the face, knocking each other over, I kept kicking him and whacking him with a pillow and he kept calling me 'ya crazy bitch', it was hilarious. seriously, i hate to admit it but I actually had so much fun beating the shit out of him. even though today I have bruises everywhere on my body.

So all he keeps saying is; "I'm not going to stop trying to be your friend" and I say; You think coming up to me drunk at churchills saying shit you KNOW is going to piss me off is trying to be my friend? uggggh blow me. i'm sure it's to be continued. I got Maggy coming this weekend, and Fabrice next weekend! It's a party!
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Saturday, December 23rd, 2006

Subject:life is grand.
Time:1:46 am.
Mood: good.
dear broward county school board/para union/whoever the fuck got the raise that i got; i love love love you. i got a 6% raise retro-active from whenever i started and i got a big fat check today enabling me to pay for school this semester so big thanks for not having to ask my douchebag father to help me out, yesyesyesssssssss!

who wants to be my roomate? i want to starting looking for places, even if it is just looking.
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Saturday, October 14th, 2006

Time:1:39 pm.
my eyeball is bright pink and there is a discharge coming out of it. i have never been more terrified in my life.

in other news, orlando next weekend! Jenny Lewis friday, Halloween Horror Nights saturday, let me know if you are interested. I got Chloe and I got Chelsea.
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Monday, August 7th, 2006

Time:8:57 pm.
Mood: hatred..
So I only have 3 more days left working in Dania!!!! Yes!!!! And Karen isn't coming in this weekend. That stupid fucking cunt. me and Shameka spent a good 20 minutes just talking shit about her. Amazing. I love my co-workers. Wonderful, wonderful people I will never see again. I'll miss the kids too, but I won't miss the drive. I can't wait to see Robert!!!

Annnnnway. I'm done with Tony. Seriously. I don't have time for this shit. I mean, I guess, technically I do, but I'm really just pissed off. I have decided to pretend he is a father of two, which could be true, and makes me want to vomit. (Thanks, Iris! ;]) LLLLOOOOOOOOOVE THE JERSEYS! God I hate him.

In other news, thursday I'm off! And I'm partying down with all my number one hoes! Beach with Chloe and Angelina and then Dennys with my jew.

ALSO; Flavor of Love is the greatest television show of all time.
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Tuesday, August 1st, 2006

Subject:dear everyone.
Time:10:02 pm.
Mood: i hope karen dies tomorrow.
stop calling me. everytime the phones rings I am disappointed, so stop.

it's ridiculous really. paul should have called. tony should have called. todd should have called. i'm tired of waiting for guys with 4 letter names to call me. i'm going to throw myself a spinnster shower. me and my mom talked about it, then we were talking about gifts, I said you could buy me a single fork and plate, she said the word "Vibrator" and I walked away. But I think I'd be fun.

i had a bad day at work. i hope karen dies. cuz i would dance on her grave.
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Sunday, July 30th, 2006

Time:4:52 pm.
Mood: gay.
Okay. So I saw him, I talked to him, he said he'd call me. The end.

Well not really, he did know I made out with Fred which made me laugh cuz it was me, him, fred and deb standing around and he's just like; "so, I heard you guys made out." hahaha omg.

He's tall, I like him, I hope he calls.
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Wednesday, July 26th, 2006

Time:7:08 pm.
Mood: good.
Today at work I got to swim around with my kids and they kept making me race them, and I won everytime! Well, I let them win a few times cuz I felt bad. But that's not important. When we got back to school and I took them outside, Jerome said; "Ms. Gaygin!" I lauged for 5 minutes. It's the greatest nickname I have ever heard.
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Saturday, July 1st, 2006

Time:5:07 pm.
Mood: sick.
I had fun last night, we went out and I saw the guy in the overalls that was with Paul that night and here is our convo;
me: hey!
tommy: hey, i remember you.
me: how are you doing?
tommy: i'm allllright.
me: so...where's paul? (smooth)
tommy: oh i don't know man. i don't know. i'm flying solo tonight.
me: is he alive?
tommy: i don't know man, i don't know.
me: did he go back to orlando?
tommy: probably man.
me: hmm, that's too bad. (the end of my life)
tommy: you want to smoke some weed?
me: no thank you.

Also I talked to a Scandanavian who said I was all-american and my lip ball thingy fell out when I was talking to him but I got mad skills and I caught it before I lost yet ANOTHER one. mother fucker. I also very drunkenly peed on a crate because there was no bathroom in sight and Deb and Chelsea were trying really hard to take pictures with camera phones. what a weird family.

and speaking of weird families! holy shit was there some awesome drama last night, I will sum it up with this; some dude ripped deb/joe/colin off 2,000 for some car thing and he was there last night and after the bar closed deb and joe were outside like ready to fight him and everybody came outside to watch. it was amazing. they both screamed mother fucker at him like 6 million times. amazing.
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Tuesday, June 27th, 2006

Subject:when we say oh you say fuck
Time:10:29 pm.
Mood: amused.
So saturday I went to the warped tour and saw like 6 million people I knew and it was awesome even though we got really fucking rained on. I saw Saved the Day play an acoustic set even though they didn't get to play the main stage cuz it got rained out, and I saw the Buzzcocks! and the Bouncing Souls. and everyone else that was there but these were the most exciting to me anyway.

Then sunday me and Chloe went to go see Tilly and the wall which was fucking awesome, they are such a fun band, and I seriously don't think I'd like them without having seen them live. But it was fun, and we got free shirts, and I saw the man of my dreams (well, not really but I can't resist men with harmonicas!) and Studio A is reaaaallly fucking nice on the inside. and i'm so proud at my ability to maneuver around Miami, it's so fucking shady! and it's always fun rocking out to bands that will remain nameless with Chloe.

I had a fat lip and it was awesome! It was cuz my lip ball thingy keeps falling off and its starting to piss me off because it's just ridiculous, but I took a really emo picture of it which was hilarious, but I have to go get my camera to post it and I'm lazy. I'll do it later. I love documenting my injuries! If I ever have kids I'm totally going to do a scrapbook of injuries.

in other news work isn't so bad. i just hate change. the other day all the kids knew my name and I was like wtf? how do all these kids know my name if I'm not their counselor? So I said something to Dominque and she said "oh yeah, that's cuz they kept coming up to us saying 'the white lady said this'" HA! the white lady. that is so priceless.

EDIT: Note to self; stop using the words: totally, seriously and fucking.
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Friday, June 23rd, 2006

Time:10:22 am.
Mood: gay.
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we are so gay! obviously it looks retarded cuz that gigantor ball, but i switched it and now i'm wearing a bandaid on my face to work (haaa!) cuz it's too swollen to take the ball off. i don't know if i'm gonna keep it, but i had to get the piercing/tattoo itch out of me for a while.

but maggy is awesome and BLOODY. how'd yours go at work? busy weekend i'm excited.
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Wednesday, June 21st, 2006

Time:9:18 pm.
Mood: dorky.
for some reason. i want to pierce my lip. and i thought i had outgrown piercings. but i can't do it anyway cuz of my job...or can I?

i might go to the warped tour this weekend which makes me nauseous cuz...it's the warped tour, but i want to see the buzzcocks. so hopefully i have a super busy awesome weekend and i will have fun if it fucking kills me.

tilly and the wall at uncle sams @ 2 pm sunday, then at Studio A. Call me Fabrice!
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Monday, June 19th, 2006

Subject:it was fun, paul.
Time:6:59 pm.
Mood: sad.
saturday sucked. i think i'm staying away from i/o for a while it always sucks. also, i think i could eat chalupas for the rest of my life. just fulfilling my prophecy! what a delicious prophecy!

in other news, life is sucking, BUT maybe not for long. because I am leaving the country! Good Bye, America! Hello, Virgin Islands! I am going on a cruise with my mom and my moms friends! One less week I have to work at Dania Beach! How exciting. Although those kids are growing on me, one of the twins came up to me today and was like I love you Ms. Meghan! SO CUTEEEE. Then the other day to of my kids were talking;

Zahria: I want to touch the moon!
Joe: You cain't touch no moon!

haha. oh kids.
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Wednesday, June 14th, 2006

Time:10:34 pm.
Mood: tired.
me and Iris saw a dog get hit by a car tonight, omggg, Iris covered her eyes and was like "Is he alright? Is he alright?" and I did my best man scream, but it was horrible he ran all the way across the street got hit by a car, barked and kept running so I think he's okay, but it was still a horrible horrible thing to see.

today was an okay day at work too, I didn't want to commit suicide, well until we got back to the school. I got to float around in a pool surrounded by cute life guards. Awesome.

I am counting down the days til Saturday, I'm so excited, but I'm pretending not to be. I'm gonna be so disappointed I know it, but keep your fingers crossed for me anyway.
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Monday, June 12th, 2006

Time:10:27 pm.
Mood: cynical.
waiting for boys to call you that you know aren't gonna call is the wooooorst. i got a new phone plan that i'm very excited about though. only 15$ a month! sweet jesus!

so i'm waiting for something exciting to happen or something fun even because life is just to shitty right now. and i'm not letting myself drink either, except for that one (okay two) jello shots I had but that's only because I'd never had one before so I couldn't pass it up. been hanging out with some new people too which is kinda exciting, but also not because of anxiety, but it's getting better.

i hate my job i hate my job i hate my job. i am counthing the fucking days until august 14th, when I can go back to my darling dears. i also don't know if my boss is going to come back because her daughter just died and me and a bunch of the girls went to the memorial service and it was the saddest thing ever, I never met her but she was only 16 and me and Lindsay were crying nonstop. but we dont know if she's going to come back to work, i really hope so i like her alot.

also, tilly and the wall, june 25. let's goooo!

annnnnd! have fun at bonaroo guys!
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Sunday, June 11th, 2006

Subject:be...low me
Time:6:12 pm.
Why can't I ever like a guy who isn't addicted to cocaine?

"You have a nice smile."
"See this? It's a coke smile."
"It's a nice coke smile."
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Thursday, May 18th, 2006

Time:8:18 pm.
Mood: can't stop sneezing..
I hate the company I work for. I hope it burns burns burns in hell. I'm still waiting to find out where they are going to put me for summer, and it is causing me SUCH anxiety and my eyeballs won't stop twitching. I'm so scared of where they're going to put me, they're so goddamn unprofessional, I hope Rob burns in hell anyway. I want to be with my friends asshole.

The other day Robert was beating me up cuz I wasn't letting him do something so he kept hitting me, so I told him I was going to put music on and that always scares him because he hates music so I went to go put it on;
Robert: No I don't like itttt!
Me: Well you have to be a good boy.
Robert: Be a good boy.
Me: Are you going to hit Ms. Meghan?
Robert: No!
Me: No?
Robert: Nooooo thank you!

God I love/hate that little bastard.

Chelsea's having a punk rock party tomorrow, but I don't really care I get to hang out with Deb and Odie.
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Monday, May 15th, 2006

Subject:tard burn.
Time:3:40 am.
Mood: sleepy.
what an amazing weekend chock full of people remembering my name! AMAZING!!!

Saturday was that car show thing and it was awesome and the bands were awesome and that guy was there and I talked to him and he remembered my name! I talked to him like throughout the day and we're now bff, but not really but he says he's always going to see tvo and i'm like dude, i'm at all their shows. he saw me and he was like "You have good taste!" Smooth. But true. ALSO! I actually met Fred AKA Dready. He didn't remember anything that had happened and he's like we should re-enact it, and he's like we have a date at 10, but I couldn't find him and wasn't drunk enough, and I saw him today and he's like what happened to our date last night? haha oh, dready.

and then there was tonight. oh what a mother fucking night. too much bullshit drama for me, but what can you do? it's all deb/chelsea/julio stuff and it's depressing. BUT. I talked to Todd all on my own, I waved to him first because he was just going to ignore me and then he got excited and waved back, THEN I walked right up to him later on and (OMG CHLOEEEE!) said "Let me see your scar!" I'm SO SMOOTH TOO. and then I had my first conversation EVER with him. Then I gave like 5 16 year old punk boys rides home.

and this week i'm mega broke so if you want to hang out let's do it! but for free. especially a ms. chloe colon, I have your tool CD and we have to girly talk like for 6 million hours!
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Monday, May 8th, 2006

Time:9:43 pm.
Mood: gay.
me and chloe are the coolest people ever! we sit around and be gay on myspace yelling at our dogs. it was her birthday yesterday, and she had to work, so we partied after, but not really cuz we're two old ladies. we should have a double birthday party in mid-april next year, i think.

and everyone is complaining to me about their relationship problems; and here is a word of advice; DON'T MOTHER FUCKER. DON'T. I don't want to fucking hear it.

I've been trying to go out alone alot to try and stop being such a social cripple, but it's not working it's just reinforcing my hatred for the human race, people are fucking tards.

summer's starting soon, which means i'm going to be working 6 million hours and i don't know what site their putting me at and who my boss is going to be, i'm really nervous it's going to be someone gay who actually makes me work OR i won't work with any of my friends which will seriously suck.

I went to a triple a show, and saw this guy I met at another show and he remembered me, I think it made my life, because lately no one has been remembering I exist and/or my name. Julio said to me; "You really should have come to that show saturday!" and I said; "I was there." Maybe my theme song doesn't have to be I Don't Mind If You Forget Me, after all.
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Tuesday, February 7th, 2006

Time:12:09 pm.
Mood: full.
totally bonded with my grandma today, i had to take her to some social securtiy office to talk about shirleys checks or whatever and then we went out to breakfast and talked about swedish girls who do drugs and get their faces chewed off by dogs. good times.

i have a busy weekend ahead of me. hopefully friday i get to go see the toasters cuz they're coming back and i love them! and then saturday i am hopefully going to some party with Melissa, and then sunday i am going to go see Final Destination 3 so who's coming with me? you know it's going to be the greatest movie of all time.

how do you unobsess yourself with something? i mean usually it's just become obsessed with something else, or that's the way i do it, but nothings working and i'm sick of it.
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